Northern York Game

9/2 Fri Game @ Northern HS
653 S Baltimore St, Dillsburg, PA 17019

4:45 Report to School
5:05 Departure Time
6:05 at Northern
6:35 Watch Pre-Game
11:25 approximate return time

Shirt: Red Warrior Band Shirt
Travel time 51 minutes

Band families,
Our first away football game is this Friday!

When the students report to school, they should arrive in the complete uniform and carrying the uniform jacket. We will always ask for a specific shirt to be worn under the uniform. At the report time we will quickly complete the equipment loading process and then load the buses.

We will be traveling on two buses to each event this year. Upon arrival, we will move to the visitor stands with instruments and be in place to watch the home band perform the pre-game performance. During the game, we will be playing “stands” music. All students should have their flip folders with all of their music with them. 8th grade members, be sure to ask your section leader for any music that was handed out during high school band class.

During half time, we will perform our field show for the audience. Following half time, we will load the equipment we use for the field show and then be dismissed to visit the concession stands during 3rd quarter. We ask that all students review the guidelines for conduct/dress for what is appropriate at all times. At the start of 4th quarter, all students must be back in the stands to play promptly. Following the game, we will load the equipment and return to school. All of the equipment must be unloaded from the band trailers and returned to the band room before students are dismissed to go home. The drum majors are responsible for dismissing students once all of the equipment has been stored properly.

Thanks to Mr. Sam Martin, who has volunteered to serve as our head chaperone this season. I also thank all of the parents who are helping out to make each event successful, which includes with chaperoning, driving trucks, Friday Pizza, prop and pit crews.


Mr. Poole


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